Web Services

Website Hosting

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Hosting Account Setup
  • Domain Registration
  • Special Services like Credit Card Processing

website layout

  • Professional Web Design
  • Install WordPress
  • Setup Web Design Software (Theme and Plugins)
  • Assemble and Prepare Site Content
  • Layout Website Pages and Structure

website deployment

  • Organic SEO Refinements
  • Security Software  Configuration
  • Backup Schedule Implementation
  • Speed Optimization
  • Register with Google and other indexing services

website management

  • Monthly Installation of Software Updates
  • Monitoring and Responding to Security Allerts
  • Managing Backup Archive
  • Responsive client support

Building a Website

Five Step Process

1. Website Consultation

Professional Web Design…to discuss your needs and desired outcomes, consider your options, assess your competition, and map out strategies to achieve optimal results.

This is were we learn about you, your business, and your goals. We ask questions like:

  • How does your business work?
  • What do you want your website to accomplish?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What search phrases would they use to find you?
  • Who are your competition?
  • What is their web presence?
  • What extended functions should be included?

The availability of suitable materials for the website is assessed. These could include, ad copy, images, logos, brochures, etc.  Some projects may require additional resources such as a copy writer, photographer, video producer, or marketing agency.

2. Website Design

Professional Web Design

…to create a website with the look and feel that will deliver your message.

Designing a website involves listening, research and bringing together page layout, artwork, images, and functions in a tasteful and compelling manner.

The objective of website design is two-fold:

  • A website that is Search Engine friendly and anticipates the nuances of its algorithms
  • A website that engages the intended audience and compels them to respond

3. Website Development

Professional Web Design

…to transform design elements into code and database.

A website is built with code, most commonly HTML, CSS, PHP, and Java Script.

Modern tools such as the Divi theme and its Extensive Page Builder enable the expression of design into code with great outcomes. 

A very extensive market of theme Plugins (tens of thousands) offer an enormous variety of pre-coded modules for extended functionality such as:

  • e-mail campaigns
  • security
  • calendars
  • book viewers
  • image zooming
  • special forms
  • payment processing

Other tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are used for the manipulation of images and digital illustrations.

4. Website Deployment


Professional Web Designto activate the website on the web by linking a domain name to a hosting service account. 

All of the code and content of a website resides in an hosting account that is built at various stages of the implementation process.

The website is registered with index services like Google and Bing. Google Analytics is installed and configured. Other indexing services like Yelp are subscribed.

Backups are arranged, security software is configured, and the reporting of performance statistics set up.

5. Website Support

Professional Web Design…so the website remains secure, software is kept current, and content is updated.

Defending against malicious hacking attempts is essential to the viability of a website. It requires on-going monitoring using appropriate tools and implementing adjustments as new threats emerge.

All software components require updates as frequently as once per month. The updates must be tested to make sure they do not conflict with other software modules.

Website content is time sensitive to varying degrees thus requiring periodic refreshing along with occasional client tweaks.

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